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MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Rev. Dwight Frizzell - O What Joy It Is To Know You Have A Turtle Heart
Album: Beyond The Black Crack; Label: Paradigm Discs

Idea Fire Company - Fiume
Album: Postcards; Label: Swill Radio

U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble - Side A Excerpt
Album: Bitter Suites; Label: Holidays

Janez Matičič - Janez Matičič Hypnos (extrait de Trois Visions)
Album: Traces Three; Label: Recollection GRM

Sarah Davachi - St. Georges
Album: August Harp; Label: Cassauna

Suzanne Ciani - Excerpt
Album: Voices Of Packaged Souls; Label: Dead-Cert

Graham Lambkin - Amateur Doubles (Philippe Grancher - 3000 Miles Away)
Album: Amateur Doubles; Label: Kye

MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Afternoon Penis - Love Among The Stacks
Album: Up All Night; Label: Our Mouth

DJ Rashad - Do It Again (Ft. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny)
Album: We On 1; Label: Southern Belle

Unknown - Oliver
Album: The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction To EVP; Label: PARC / Ash International

Eric Frye - Untitled Rough Mix
Album: Zenzizenzizenzic *Forthcoming 2014; Label: Ptyx

Martins Rokis - [] MCTS_part1
Album: [][][][][][] / Patiño Patat; Label: [duh-noh]

Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson - La Jolla Good Friday I
Album: La Jolla Good Friday I-II; Label: CP²

Thought Broadcast - Runaway Signal
Album: Votive Zero; Label: Editions Mego

Laurie Spiegel - Wandering In Our Times
Album: The Expanding Universe; Label: Unseen Worlds

Tolerance - Pulse Static (Tranqillia)
Album: Divin; Label: Vanity

MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Eroc - Kleine Eva
Album: S/T; Label: Brain


released 24 July 2014



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